Joint Venturing

At Valor Offshore, we provide you with all the insights, network, experience and resources needed, guiding you through all steps of the Venture process, targeting the specific goals/objectives and ambitions you may have, in different business models:


Helping you through all the process of developing an agreement with a Licensor/Franchisor in the United States and Brazilian Market, presenting the best options as well as customized segments you may want to enter.



Helping you Outsource the right team that fits and aligns to your company’s short and long-term goals, where a US or Brazilian company will sell their management services and expertise in the specific area you demand.



With a huge network of suppliers/manufacturers from diverse segments of the market, we will find the right partner for you to manufacture any type of products at the lowest cost yet best quality possible, being in the US, Brazil or any other place in the world, meeting your customized criteria and brand requirements.



If you are thinking about adding a partner to your business or becoming a partner of another company, we can help you through the whole process and connect you to the right people/entities.

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