Market Analysis


Market Analysis is one of the components of the business plan that is directly related to the organization's marketing; it presents the global understanding of the company's business, its customers, its competitors and how much the company knows, in data and information, about the market where it operates or intends to operate.


This study allows the company to better position its products and services in relation to its target audience, those who already consume or are expected to start consuming and generating profits, a fundamental factor for the company's success.


Market analysis is not a one-time event, which occurs only during the business planning stage or in preparation for a new launch; it needs to be done continuously. In other words, the company needs to be updated on each movement in the sector, both to identify new opportunities within the business itself and to protect itself from possible threats.


The fundamental point for making a good analysis is to gather as much information about the market in which the product or service is or will be offered; Valor Offshore can help entrepreneurs by offering an objective and efficient service to optimize business success.