Supply-Chain Management


A company's technical definition of supply chain management (SCM) says only that it is about managing the flow of goods and services and includes all the processes that transform raw materials into final products; in practice, however, it involves a much more complex set of processes and procedures, which involves the active rationalization of the company's activities in relation to the projection of the demand for its products according to the analysis of normal and/or seasonal consumption of the customers.

SCM represents an effort by companies to develop and implement supply chains as efficient and economical as possible, so that the company always has sufficient stocks of its products to serve its customers, without any need, excess or waste of costs. A supply chain begins with the delivery of raw materials from a supplier to a manufacturer and ends with the delivery of the finished product or service to the final consumer.

Valor Offshore provides its customers with all the necessary prior planning for the effective control of supply or production, shipping and distribution of their products, reducing costs and optimizing profits, considering the idea that almost all products that reach the market result from efforts of various organizations that make up a supply chain; improvements in productivity and efficiency go straight to a company's bottom line and have a real and lasting impact on its finances.